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Fruit Salad Ice Cream Cone

Fruit Salad Ice Cream Cone ~ Dressing up fruit salad, a picnic side dish standard, with some crafty fun in an ice cream cone.

Fruit Salad Ice Cream Cone

Before you tell me I’m mad in the head, which by the way you would be right, I will say it before you can,“This is not a recipe, but merely a presentation idea”.

That being said, I set out to get crafty and re-fashion a picnic standard, the fruit salad, into something fun and stylie (real word if you play scrabble with me). Determined to dump the de rigueur watermelon bowl, I needed something simple and picnic friendly.

Enter the ice cream cone. I love this idea. It’s easy, convenient and best of all who doesn’t get a little childhood nostalgia when you see an ice cream cone.

No recipe just a few notes:

Place a cupcake liner inside the cone to prevent it from getting soggy.
To offset the Ice Cream Cone Fruit Cups from being top heavy, I filled the bottom portion of the cone with candy. Aside from its weight utility, kids love the candy-filled surprise ending. My taste preference is for Skittles and they don’t melt, so even better. If you prefer to bypass the candy route you can fill the bottoms with rice, but . . . boring!
For easy stacking use at least two different size melon ballers. 

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